Allow me to introduce myself...


I’m Veronique. I’d love to share with you where my journey really began. 

It wasn’t that long ago that I was running my equine swimming pool, doing what I loved but feeling drained, stuck in a rut and disconnected.

I had competed nationally and internationally  as a dressage rider but now I wasn’t even riding anymore as I couldn’t find the time or the energy.

I would wake up feeling like I was already behind and couldn’t catch up throughout the day. I was spread thin and exhausted to the point that my passion for what I was doing just wasn’t enough.

I decided to change the road I was heading down.

I hired a coach and discovered that I can manage my energy, mindset and emotions instead of being run by them.
I can choose how I want to feel.

I can set myself up for success by knowing very specifically what I need to thrive. My circumstances don’t determine how I feel, I do. 

I avidly studied how to optimize my health, focus, sleep,.. but still felt like something was missing.

It wasn’t until I experienced the potency of an intense breathing session in Bali that I found my missing link: the power of the breath.

I re-discovered energy and relaxation I hadn’t experienced in years!

This lead me to where I am today:

Two highly accredited coaching certifications and a professional breathwork practitioner certification later.

It’s safe to say I found a new passion in coaching 🙂 

I made the tough decision to close my equine swimming pool so that I can focus on work that is truly meaningful to me. 

And… I’m loving riding again!

Some random facts about me 😄

Let’s explore how to create and design a road to Mastery that inspires and delights you!

How we define that road is entirely up to you.

Some areas may need little to no attention, while others will require massive action.

I’d love to be your guide on your journey to transformation and Mastery!