Morning Routine for high performance

Having a morning routine that sets you up for success is one of the most powerful ways to kickstart your performance on a daily basis.  If your usual morning looks something like: snoozing a couple times, realising you’ll be really … Read More

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HRV as a biofeedback tool

What is heart rate variability (HRV)? When we think of our heart rate, we think of a number that reflects the beats per minute (BPM). This number actually represents our average heart rate.  In reality, our heart rate changes from … Read More

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Good is the enemy of great

You know that feeling of ‘good enough’? Of knowing somewhere deep inside that you can do better, but opting for the easy route of good enough? Good enough is safe, it’s achievable without too much effort, it’s inside your comfort-zone … Read More

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Willpower doesn’t work.

You only have limited decision-making capability each day. Wasting that on unnecessary decisions costs you precious energy. In his book ‘Willpower doesn’t work‘ Benjamin Hardy goes into this in depth. Changing your environment so it supports you in want you … Read More

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Work / Life Balance

Creating a work/life balance has become more and more important. Though a noble goal, I don’t believe in achieving this every day. Wanting to cram everything into 1 day so you’ve given every aspect of your life equal (or just … Read More

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It’s not the big things…

When thinking about the things that make us who we are, that determine whether you’re at the top of your field or just somewhere in the middle, we often focus on the big decisions: which horse to buy, which trainer … Read More

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Deliberate practice

When you train your horse, do you have a strategy in mind for your ride? What goals do you set out to accomplish? Or do you just get on and see where you end up? You can ride the same … Read More

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