Veronique Andre de la Porte

High Performance Coaching

Hi! I'm Veronique.

My superpower is challenging high performers like you to break through their status quo, transform their lives & exceed their expectations of what they thought was possible.

My approach is science based, reality based & no-nonsense. I don't waste your time.

I have distilled everything I’ve discovered and learned over the years in to my coaching program:

Let’s explode your energy on demand to optimise your productivity and RESULTS.

Are you ready to 'Unleash your energy'?

Unleash your ENERGY

What people are saying

During our sessions I noticed Veronique is exceptionally good at summarizing complicated topics and reflecting them back to me in a way that makes me stop, think and see the bigger picture. I believe her approach, skillset and natural abilities make her a highly talented coach that can not only help you find the answers to the big questions you have, but also help you define - and take the steps to get there effectively.
Roderick de Leeuw
E-commerce & Marketplace Consultant
Veronique helped me to better understand how I naturally manage my energy, especially in stressful situations. She gave me insight and tools to use when I feel stressed and how to get out of a negative mindset. Her guidance has been valuable and appreciated.
Renée Warren
Founder of We Wild Women
Veronique is an amazing coach. I enjoyed how she focused on what I shared with her, truly listening to all details and helping me to prioritize. She kept me accountable at all times. This helped me to accomplish even my most challenging goals that I would not have managed without having her guidance. During our coaching sessions I not only increased my overall performance but also completely changed my mindset.
Marta Kastler
Operations Controlling Manager

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