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Creating a work/life balance has become more and more important.

Though a noble goal, I don’t believe in achieving this every day. Wanting to cram everything into 1 day so you’ve given every aspect of your life equal (or just enough) attention creates unnecessary stress and puts even more pressure on your time.

I believe in creating priorities, and shifting those priorities to create balance over longer periods of time. You may need to dedicate extra time to training for a big upcoming show. Awesome! After the show, shuffle your priorities and maybe family time is more important for a while.

Self-care has become one of my priorities. It’s still a work in progress, but I have learned that if I don’t take care of myself, I can’t show up fully for my work or for anyone else.
As riders, we’re often very good at taking excellent care of our horses but tend to neglect ourselves in the process.

Make sure you dedicate time to filling up your own tank, so you’re able to perform at your best when you need to!

Take a look at the area’s of your life that you’re devoting attention to. There’s a couple categories that nearly everyone takes into account: Career, Financial life, Health, Relationships.
What about fun and enjoyment? Your intellectual life? Your quality of life? Your character?

Where are you missing out?