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You know that feeling of ‘good enough’? Of knowing somewhere deep inside that you can do better, but opting for the easy route of good enough?

Good enough is safe, it’s achievable without too much effort, it’s inside your comfort-zone and it’s sure not bad. Where’s the harm in settling for that?

Nelson Mandela says it best 🙂

There’s no growth in playing small. There’s no learning in ‘good enough’. That is why good is the enemy of great. Good deadens you, it seduces you into complacency. It makes you forget that you have greatness inside you.

Achieving greatness requires serious effort. Every single day. It also brings rewards that ‘good enough’ could never dream of.

“There’s a ton of competition at ordinary, but there’s none at extraordinary.”

Robin Sharma, The 5 AM Club.

Where are you settling for ‘good enough’? How ready are you to do something about it?